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Debut Album


Life is a journey is the first album of Haze Andrea. It is a self-recorded album that will be mixed and mastered by Mr BigJooN, a professional producer and a great mix and master engineer with incredible references. You will find hereafter the 14 songs of the album. The song "Never gonna be a star" is the first single that will be released in the beginning of october. Finally, the album release is planned for december 25, until then, you can follow the progress of the album on Patreon where i will post some of the recordings and the latest exclusive news.

Out in october

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Life is a Journey
- She's what she is
- Tell me my Friend
- Glory road
- All around me
- Don't wanna sleep alone tonight
- Life is a journey
- Family
- It's your birthday today
- Pictures on the wall
- Getting older
- Another Day
- What if
- Tears are falling tonight
- Never gonna be a star

Out in December 25

You can also follow the advance of studio recordings via Patreon

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