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Haze Andrea

When i first thought about writing my biography, i wanted to give a story of a lifetime, my story from the start. For instance, going from having my first guitar at the age of 12, until now being Haze Andrea, and in between, citing all the bands and projects that i was involved in. But honestly, at this stage of my career, i feel like going through all of this is too early, if not presumptuous! . Instead of telling you my hole story, which i guess should be told one day, i will just tell you more about the Haze Andrea' project, the only thing that really matters here.

The idea of starting a solo project has always been on my mind. Mainly because during the last two decades, i wrote many songs that couldn't fit in a band. It neither sounded Rock enough nor Metal enough, my main influences, and i was a little bit frustrated not being able to play these songs at all. So, a solo project became such an evidence. Especially during the lockdown where nothing else but playing at home was possible. Then, i started to recompile all my songs, trying to choose the most appropriate and coherent ones to put together in an album. What a huge problem!!! Cause i realized that my bunch of about 30 songs, sounded so different sometimes that i couldn't put them together, unless mixing different sub-genres.

I also wanted to be independent of the basic band constraints. Not to mention that i love playing in a band and i keep doing it until now. But what i mean, is that i just wanted something different, and here i am with a solo project and an ongoing acoustic debut album "Life is a journey", which will be released hopefully on the 25 of November 2021.

As a last word, feel free to dig into this website and listen to my musical doings, whether covers or original songs. I warmly welcome you and wish you a good listening, hoping that you'll enjoy my music.