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Welcome dear visitors and thank you for dropping by!!!

I'm Haze Andrea, independent singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in France. Guitar is my main instrument, but i used to tackle some other instruments such as bass, piano, drums, harmonica, etc. This website is kind of a resume of all my musical doings. You will find some of my original upcoming songs as well as some covers, i also play live shows so you can check out my acoustic setlist, and listen to some of my recordings. If you wish to organize an event and book a show, feel free to let me know via the contact page or by email at hazeandrea2021@gmail.com.

As you may have noticed here or there, i'm on my way to record my debut album "Life is a journey", it is a self-recorded album that will be mixed and mastered by Mr BigJooN, a professional producer and a great mix and master engineer with incredible references. I'm very excited about this album and can't wait to share it with you. If you wish, you can contribute to this project, either by making a direct donation via Paypal or by joining me on Patreon, so that you can follow the progress of my recordings and get updated with the latest exclusive content. I will be endlessly grateful if you help me to make this project come true.

Last but not least, you can joint my mailing list and so get updated with my latest news, i promise i won't spam you with endless and unuseful emails, just let you know about my important releases and shows. Hoping you'll enjoy my music, i wish you a great journey.

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Original song: Don't wanna sleep alone tonight (Live)

Haze Andrea at "Le Trait Particuler"

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